Landowner Rights & Fracking

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Lee County homeowners fight fracking

A radio story for Carolina Connection highlights how mineral rights leases are obtained by gas companies, which can put a drill on someone’s land without the landowner’s consent.

Landowner Workshop Dec. 14 in Sanford

On Dec. 14, RAFI is co-sponsoring a workshop in Sanford, NC, for landowners who have leased their land, those considering a lease and anyone concerned about landowner rights and the impacts of natural gas and hydrofracking.

Hydraulic Fracturing: Where are we Now? (Presentation)

Because of the NC’s compulsory pooling law, RAFI and other advocates were concerned about the potential threats to landowner rights. The “Hydraulic Fracturing: Where Are We Now?,” presentation embedded below […]

In the News: Fracking Rule Gets New Scrutiny

Compulsory pooling is “a particularly bad infringement on landowners’ ability to decide what to do with their own resource,” said James Robinson, director of the RAFI’s Landowner Rights and Fracking Project.

Farm Bill 2013: The time is now

UPDATE: House rejects Farm Bill, June 20 | Years, even decades, of work can come down to a 5-minute vote in an obscure committee. We hope that you will trust us, and our partners, that, when we ask you to take action on the Farm Bill, it is because that action is important and effective.