Farm Bill

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The House’s Poison Pill Plan to Pass the Farm Bill

In order to get his version of the 2018 Farm Bill passed through the House of Representatives, House Agriculture Committee Chairman Mike Conaway offered a “poison pill” to House representatives: Only those who plan to vote for the Farm Bill can offer amendments, which shuts out those who don’t promise to vote with the majority.

Protecting Loan Funding for Beginning Farmers

RAFI-USA is proud to be part of a broad coalition, representing more than 250 farm organizations and community lenders, to urge Congress to oppose across-the-board increases to Farm Service Agency (FSA) loan limits in the upcoming Farm Bill.

Sustainable Agriculture Wins in 2016 Federal Budget

After several budget extensions, known as a Continuing Resolution or CR, Congress has agreed on a spending bill to fund the government in 2016, avoiding another government shutdown. The big news: NO GIPSA RIDER.