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Harold Wright, Happy Land Farms

“We want to be stewards of the land. I want to keep it in good shape, and pass it on to my children and grandchildren. Because they ain’t making any more land.”

TCRF Announces 2014 Grant Program

Applications are now open for RAFI’s 2014 Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund grants. The grants are $8,000 each or $10,000 for a collaborative group project.

Our State features TCRF grantee Dixon Family Farms

“With the food I give them, I can guarantee it to be clean. I want to make good, clean food accessible,” says Jay Dixon. The farmer accepts EBT/SNAP at his Greene County farm stand and through his free delivery service.

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What Makes a Farmer?

Trying to represent the current state of American farming is a tall order. After all, who could possibly speak on behalf of all farmers? The sector is broad, diverse and impossible to accurately represent in a single article, blog post, report, or snappy hash-tag – much less a truck company’s re-branding effort.

2012 Grant Awards

We are proud to announce our 2012 grant award recipients. This group of 34 farm enterprises represents some of the most creative farmers in the state. They are finding ways […]

Heck, yes, local food creates jobs.

Yesterday, the USDA Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food program released a new report and an interactive website that illustrate how USDA programs help build local and regional food systems. Among the findings in the report: Every $1million in farm income from local and regional markets creates an average of 13 farm operator jobs.

This morning, NPR responded with their take: Local food is about food, and the USDA’s attempt to explain it in terms of jobs is an attempt to defend local food programs in a contentious political climate. The jobs argument, the article implies, is a tenuous one. “Hey, Locavores,” the title asks, “are you creating jobs?”

Well, with respect, our answer is a resounding “yes.”