30 Days of Thanks

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John and Russ Vollmer, Vollmer Farm

John and Russ Vollmer, third- and fourth-generation farmers respectively, are trying to protect what they carefully, responsibly and organically grow.

Karen McAdams, McAdams Farm

“It’s really rewarding to see farmers who are innovative and to come up with the idea of something a little bit new or a different take on something old,” she says. “To see young people get involved in operations, that’s definitely been rewarding.”

Michael Lewis, Growing Warriors Project

“The service teaches you to serve and you want to serve in the best capacity you can. The most important thing is to serve food to our community,” Michael says.

Felix Vargas, Vargas Farms

Felix Vargas was raised on a farm in central Mexico. He came to the United States as a teenage migrant farmworker. Thirty-five years later he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an American farmer.

Kay Doby, Hot Shot Goat Farm

Kay Doby stood up to big poultry by delivering a 2007 testimony to Congress. She was immediately fired. Now, she raises free-range chickens and goats, and continues to use her voice to empower others to speak up.

Kenny and Ben Haines, Looking Back Farm

“I think there’s something wrong in the world when you see basketball players and football players getting paid millions of dollars, but you’ve got firefighters, policemen and farmers not getting paid what they should.” – Ben Haines

American Prawn Cooperative

Seven farming families have discovered a way to provide financial sustainability for themselves while creating jobs for their community by raising something as strange as a crazy claw prawn.