30 Days of Thanks

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Thanking Craig Watts

“I don’t think about the money,” says Craig Watts, poultry farmer. “I think about these people losing everything they’ve got. There is risk in everything, but they did not fail on their own. They failed because of other people making decisions for them.”

Ashley Bridges, Guernsey Girl Creamery

In this very new audio slideshow, a 25-year-old Ashley tells us why she still gets emotional talking about her grandfather, his cows, and why it’s worth it for her to keep on.

Eastern Carolina Organics

“We’re farmer-owned and we act like it.” We admire ECO for being a necessary component to making a local food system work, and for further proving it does work.

Funding Partners

Today is National Philanthropy Day! Without the incredible support we receive from generous donations and philanthropic organizations, our work cannot be accomplished.

John and Russ Vollmer, Vollmer Farm

John and Russ Vollmer, third- and fourth-generation farmers respectively, are trying to protect what they carefully, responsibly and organically grow.

Karen McAdams, McAdams Farm

“It’s really rewarding to see farmers who are innovative and to come up with the idea of something a little bit new or a different take on something old,” she says. “To see young people get involved in operations, that’s definitely been rewarding.”