Cash Flow Webinar Farm Advocacy Webinar Recording

Training Module #4

Cash Flow: The Common Language Between Farmers and Lenders [Webinar Recording]

This webinar, with Gary Matteson of Farm Credit, covered the basics of farm business planning, as it applies to borrowing. He specifically discussed cash flow analysis, a vital communication tool when borrowing, and also helped audience members plan for what the lender needs to see. The webinar, which took place on September 18 of 2014, was intended both for farmers preparing to borrow money and to the advocates wishing to help farmers during this process. A recording of the webinar is below.


Cash Flow The Common Language Between Farmers and Lenders from RAFI-USA on Vimeo.

The Grass Fed Beef budgeting spreadsheet that appeared in the webinar (as well as a more general spreadsheet that can be applicable to vegetable production) can be downloaded using the links below:


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