Action Alert: Ask NCGA to Uphold Fracking Bill Veto

This Action Alert expired in July 2012.

July 1, 2012 — Great news! Governor Perdue just vetoed SB820, the bill that legalizes fracking in the State of North Carolina. This is a huge step towards protecting the rights of North Carolina property owners.

Your calls made a difference. The Governor said that she is concerned that the law does not go far enough to protect the rights of landowners, and she indicated that this concern is one of her key reasons for her veto. Now we have to make sure the General Assembly does not overturn the veto.

Can you call your state Representative today and ask them to uphold the Governor’s veto of SB820 and protect the rights of North Carolina landowners? You can use this quick message:

Hello, my name is _____ and I live in Representative _________’s district. I am calling to urge my representative to uphold the Governor’s veto of SB820. I am concerned that this bill allows forced pooling, optional surface rights agreements, and other infringements on private property rights by private companies. Can you tell me whether the Representative will uphold the veto? Thank you.

The General Assembly may decide as early as Monday whether to overturn the veto and legalize fracking without adequate landowner protections. Please call your Representative right away. This is a critical moment to make your voice heard!

Our best chance to uphold this veto will be in the House of Representatives. We expect the vote to be close, so your calls are vitally important. Please call your Representative now and ask them to oppose SB820 and uphold the Governor’s veto!

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