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Watch Under Contract: Farmers and the Fine Print

In the film, “Under Contract: Farmers and the Fine Print”, farmers tell their stories and experts reveal how the corporate agricultural production model pits farmer-against-farmer. We travel across the American South and to Southern India to understand what’s happening to farmers living under contract and how we can change the food system for the better.

Announcing 50 Grantees for 2021 Farmers of Color Network Infrastructure Grants

RAFI-USA is pleased to announce the recipients of its Farmers of Color Network Infrastructure Fund grants. In 2021, the fund awarded $369,200 to 50 grantees across 10 states. The grant program, now in its second year, provides grants of up to $10,000 for farm infrastructure, processing and refrigeration, or collaborative projects with multiple farmers.

[CLOSED] Job Opening: Program Coordinator, Challenging Corporate Power

RAFI-USA seeks a committed individual to engage with farmers and other stakeholders for the Challenging Corporate Power program. The program works to hold large-scale industrial animal agriculture corporations accountable for their extractive model and to help build the alternative.