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Otis Stevens

Otis Stevens is expanding the amount and type of produce he grows at Veggie 4 Life. He is setting up additional refrigeration to keep their produce fresh longer in addition to adding water tanks.

Gail Taylor

Three Part Harmony Farm is expanding their operations to meet a growing customer base. They recently purchased 24 acres of new land, and are fencing in the new property in order to start growing on a much larger scale.

Shunnea Turner

The Good Farm is building a multi-use structure that will be a greenhouse, processing space, and storage facility.

Tierra Fértil Coop

Tierra Fértil Cooperative is improving it storage systems by purchasing a mobile and commercial fridge. The mobile system allows all cooperative members to store their harvest, make deliveries, and reduce waste.

Tierra Fértil: Growing Food and Co-operative Power

Tierra Fértil is a worker-owned, Hispanic cooperative in Hendersonville, NC. They are not only growing food, but creating a tangible impact in their local community through a mutual aid model that values collective power, solidarity, and entrepreneurship.