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Suzanne Ferrell

Suzanne Ferrell of River Road Market Produce in Danville, VA is purchasing a mobile walk-in cooler to safely store produce.

Tanisha Frink

Tanisha Frink of Briarwood Cattle Farm in Red Springs, NC is improving feeding and water systems in order to organically improve marbleization and cattle health.

Darlene Gabbard

Darlene Gabbard of Native Vines Winery is closing in a 12×24 square foot section of a current building for cold storage of finished bottled wine.

Davon Goodwin

Davon Goodwin of Off the Land Farms is building a farm pack house with wash stations, grading equipment and cooler storage in Ellerbe, NC.

Kevin Gunter

Kevin Gunter of The Garden Doctors are building a food processing facility in order to teach the community the value of storing and preserving their own food.

Leroy Hardy

Leroy Hardy of Hardy Family Farm is increasing productivity by completing a hoop house and improving field production.

George High

George High of Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm in Snellville, GA is retrofitting an existing trailer with a commercial-grade hydraulic juicer to make wheatgrass and other green juices.

Fatima Jackson

Fatima Jackson of Action Jackson Farms is increasing access for rotational grazing for their goats by creating partitions using solar-powered electric netting.

Theodore Lambert

Theodore Lambert of Lambert’s Orchard is purchasing an industrial walk-in refrigeration-freezer unit to extend the shelf life of their pecans in order to sell year-round.