Laketa Smith

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Laketa works with the Farmers of Color Network as Program Coordinator and Case Manager. Her time is mostly spent building relationships with farmers, assessing farmer needs, and connecting them with information and resources to bolster the sustainability of their farms. Laketa holds a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University’s Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions. Prior to joining the staff at RAFI-USA she worked in benefits administration at 1199SEIU, the largest healthcare workers union in the United States. Laketa believes that food is medicine and that sourcing fresh food from nearby farmers is a key to thriving. In her free time, she can be found growing herbs, making tea blends, and whipping up customized body care products from natural and home-grown ingredients.

The Trauma of Betrayal in Farm Loss

Join RAFI-USA this Wednesday at 2pm EST for a virtual workshop on the Trauma of Betrayal in Farm Loss. This Zoom session will help farmers and those who provide assistance to farmers who have experienced or are experiencing financial crisis on the specifics of farmer betrayal; a betrayal committed by someone a farmer thought was going to help them during their financial crisis.