Joe Pellegrino

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Joe works as the Communications Coordinator assisting all programs with a large variety of visual and written design. Prior to joining RAFI-USA, Joe worked as a photojournalist for various publications across NC and studied Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems at North Carolina State University. Joe lives with his wife and two cats and enjoys making music and film. 

Seeds of Change

The concentration of the seed market into a small group of megafirms has led to fewer available varieties of seeds, less genetic diversity, less biodiversity in our agroecosystems, supply chain gaps for specific regions and of course, higher prices.
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Volunteers work together to build a high-tunnel during an educational farmer-brigade event at Fairpoint Farms in Kittrell, NC on February 27, 2023.

Building a High Tunnel, Building a Community

In late February, 31 volunteers gathered to build a high tunnel at Fairpoint Farms in Kittrell, NC. During the ten hour work day, there were educational talks and a general theme of building something much more than a high tunnel together.
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