Ashe Outreach Ministries Receives Over 1,000 Plants from Grow and Share

Thanks to Grow and Share for donating over 1,000 plants last week to Ashe Outreach Ministries’ Outgrow Hunger Program! After our first Come to the Table Conference Steering Committee meeting at RAFI’s office in Pittsboro, we loaded up Rob Brooks’ truck with heirloom varieties of tomatoes, tomatillos, melons, okra, cucumbers and summer squash. Rob will share the plants with residents of Ashe County involved in the pilot year of Outgrow Hunger, which aims to strengthen rural food security by facilitating backyard family and church gardens and increasing the amount of local produce in Ashe County’s emergency food supply. Click here to learn more about Outgrow Hunger, and here to learn more about Grow and Share.  
RAFI-USA staff are currently working remotely. As we plan for how COVID-19 will change both how we do our work, and what work needs to be done, please know that we are still here. Our Farmer Hotline (866-586-6746) will operate from Monday-Saturday from 9am to 6pm. Stay tuned for more updates and information.