Apply to Intern or Volunteer as an Archivist at RAFI

We’re looking for an individual to serve as an archivist for our unique Agricultural Reinvestment Fund program, which has funded more than 600 innovative and entrepreneurial projects on farms large and small, as well as many collaborative businesses, since its founding in 1997.

Our archival materials include both print and digital assets: photos, videos, newspaper and magazine articles about the program and its farmer-participants, and reports written by farmers and our staff.

This position would be ideal for someone who is interested in agriculture, history, and/or small business development. Our end goal is to create an archival system for the grant program files both physical and digital, ensure that documentation is thorough and complete for all grant projects, and use the gathered information to produce media on our grant program as we reach its 20th anniversary in 2017.

Additional Program Information
The Agricultural Reinvestment Fund awards grants to farmers in order to implement entrepreneurial and innovative projects on their farms. These projects allow farmers to diversify their farms and/or scale-up production in order to become more financially sustainable. Over the life of the Agricultural Reinvestment Fund, more than 600 projects have been made possible on farms both large and small. The projects range from new vegetable production enterprises to beekeeping and the development of value-added products. There are a great many lessons to be learned from this program.

Core Responsibilities
The archivist would be responsible for assisting with collecting, reviewing, organizing, and digitizing files from our grant program history as well as other materials such as press and other documentation that highlights the program.

The archivist would also assist with designing and implementing an archive for the grant program that can be used to easily retrieve historical data as well as create a model for new files to be added.

Support and assistance in these duties from our Project Coordinator and our Communications Manager would be provided.

Time Commitment
We expect a total of 50 hours to be spent on this archival project. The individual will be able to schedule that time as they please as a full-time, 1 – 2 week or part-time, 4 – 5 week obligation.

This is a volunteer position. An internship for college credit can also be arranged.

To Apply
Please email a brief cover letter with your resume attached to Ben Paynter, [email protected]

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