Ada Conde

Farm Name: Dragon Hearts Associates

City: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dragon Hearts Associates, LLC, is a Puerto Rican corporation. It arises from the need in Puerto Rico, after Hurricane María, the earthquakes of January 2020, and then the pandemic, to ensure our food network, self-sufficiency, preserve our land and ecological resources, with organic and agroforestry practices to restore the balance of the nature and fight climate change. The 18-acre farm in the mountains of Jayuya, Puerto Rico is used to plant bananas and coffee and increased the capacity of the farm by expanding with quick-harvest crops to ensure sustainability as farinaceous and tubers in an agroforestry system to protect these from atmospheric events, diversity, and crop rotation and preserving the balance of nature. After Hurricane Fiona passed through Puerto Rico, the banana harvest was totally affected. With their funds, Ada plans to substitute with vegetable harvest so that there is quick production and sale. This is for planting cilantro, lettuce, chili peppers, pumpkin, pickles, and tubers for the short-term and for medium-term planting of cocoa.

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