[Action Alert] Save Organics in the 2014 Farm Bill


Every year, thousands of farmers nationwide proudly grow their fresh fruits and veggies and raise their meat to certified organic standards. And we are all the better for it — families across the country are seeking out organic food for their tables.

But for many organic farmers — including folks we visit with at RAFI and smaller or beginning farmers — the annual cost of that certification is too high, making it difficult to meet market demand for organic food.

There are resources to help them — unfortunately, they are currently under attack in Congress.

The time to fight for investment in our nation’s organic farms is RIGHT NOW.

A group of senators and representatives is meeting this week to negotiate the final version of a new farm bill. This may be our last chance to make changes that this bill desperately needs in order for a better food and farm future.

What’s at stake here? Critical assistance for organic farmers through the National Organic Certification Cost-Share Program. If we don’t act NOW, this program could be completely defunded — stripping farmers of a vital source of support in helping meet growing demand for organic food and to create local jobs.

Call or email your senators and congressperson today!

Click here to find your representative and senators.

Let’s not let this critical investment in organic farmers slip through the cracks in the final hours. This could be our last and best chance to make a real difference in the farm bill!

Thank you for all that you do!

Sample email or phone script:

Hi, my name is XX and I am a constituent and voter calling about the farm bill. Since you are a member of the farm bill conference committee, I ask you to please ensure the National Organic Cost Share Certification Program is fully funded in the 2014 Farm Bill! This program helps farmers meet demand for organic food and ensures consumers have access to fresh, healthy organic food in our communities. It’s a win-win for consumers and farmers across the country.

Thank you for your time!

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