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Sen. Fetterman Introduces S.2792 in Collaboration with RAFI

On Tuesday, September 13, Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), in close collaboration with RAFI (Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA), introduced the Strengthening Local Meat Economies Act (S.2792), which will take action against runaway corporate concentration in the meatpacking industry by redirecting over $300 million in federal procurement toward local meat processors rather than multinational corporations, over a four-year period.
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USDA Should Buy Meat from Local Processors, Not Meatpacking Monopolists

In 2022, USDA purchased nearly half of its meat from the largest category of meat processors. Even more egregiously, 25% of USDA’s meat procurement was allocated to just four dominant meatpackers: $279 million to Tyson, $13 to Cargill, $5 million to Smithfield, and, despite its criminality, $63 million to JBS. In contrast, less that 7% of USDA’s meat procurement contracts were awarded to small meat processors serving regional food systems.
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Second Round of Climate Grants Awarded to BIPOC Organizations

RAFI-USA is pleased to announce that a second round of grants have been awarded, both to continue providing funding to previous grant recipients, and to support thirteen new organizations. As before, the purpose of this grant is to allow organizations to engage with local communities in climate advocacy and policy work in order to develop a more inclusive Farm Bill which accurately reflects the needs of BIPOC farmers.
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El Programa de Asistencia por Desastre para Cultivos no Asegurados (NAP), administrado por la Agencia de Servicios Agrícolas (FSA) del Departamento de Agricultura de Estados Unidos (USDA), ofrece asistencia financiera a productores y productoras de cultivos no asegurables* cuando un desastre natural impide la siembra de cultivos u ocasiona pérdidas de la producción o la cosecha.
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