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La Fase 2 del ERP: qué es y quiénes pueden solicitar

La Fase 2 del Programa de Ayuda de Emergencia (ERP, por sus siglas en inglés) es un programa basado en los ingresos que calcula las pérdidas experimentadas por un agricultor o agricultora a raíz de un desastre natural utilizando los registros fiscales y financieros, en vez del historial de producción normalmente requerido por los programas de la Agencia de Servicios Agrícolas (FSA, por sus siglas en inglés). El ERP brinda asistencia por pérdidas de cultivos causadas por ciertos desastres calificantes ocurridos en los años naturales 2020 y 2021.
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Brown Family Farm Blessing of the Land

As a celebration of partnership and community, Wake County held its fifth Blessing of the Land gathering at Brown Family Farm. Usually at the beginning of the season, the Blessing of the Land is a chance for shareholders, farmers, and community members to gather on the farmer’s land and bless it for the coming season.
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102 Groups Urge Congress to Choose Farmers over Big Meat in Ag

102 farmer, rancher, consumer, labor, farmworker, and faith organizations, inclucing RAFI, sent a letter urging the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations to remove a policy rider from its FY24 Agriculture Appropriations bill when it is considered during Wednesday’s markup.
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Tiffany Bellfield El-Amin

Tiffany Bellfield El-Amin is using her grant award to reinforce Ballew Estates Regional Farm Kitchen and Distribution with new appliances such as sinks, freezers and a generator to start serving her farm community with aggregation and more in winter 2024.
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James Brewer

With his grant award, James Brewer plans to repair a storage building on his property as well as purchase a pea sheller and freezer so that he can provide his customers with shelled peas and keep them stored safely until the moment of sale.
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Cheryl Gibson

Cheryl Gibson plans to use her infrastructure grant money to purchase a floral cooler to extend the shelf life of her flowers. This cooler will allow Cheryl to extend her selling season, as well as provide more varieties and larger quantities of flowers to her customer base.
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Todd Huewitt

With his grant funds, Todd Huewitt intends to repurpose an existing structure on his farm into a cooler and produce prep station. This will allow him to extend his selling season and reduce waste on the farm.
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Ed Hunt

Ed Hunt intends to use his grant award to expand his nursery operation to supply trees and shrubs to those who want to improve wildlife mast production and beautify their land.
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Announcing the 2023 School for Food Justice, Faith, and Storytelling

Come to the Table is excited to announce that registration is now open for The School for Food Justice, Faith, and Storytelling, set to begin in January of 2023. The fellowship brings together faith leaders to investigate root causes of hunger, uncover and challenge the dominant narratives around hunger, and equip leaders to transform these conversations in their community.
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