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The Soul Speaks in Story: Storytelling as Ministry

Stories also move people to action, help us understand the world and others more clearly, and foster a deep-seated empathy. This is even more true for faith leaders, who communicate truths about our relationship with God and neighbor, not through data, facts, or figures, but through stories – both ancient and ongoing.
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Action Alert: Family Farmer & Rancher Tax Fairness Act

The Inflation Reduction Act offered a vital lifeline to many farmers when it authorized debt relief for economically distressed farmers and payments to those who have experienced discrimination. However, under current law those borrowers will still face a tax liability on those payments. A new bill introduced by Senator Booker on December 8 would remedy that tax burden by making both debt relief and discrimination payments under the IRA non-taxable.
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[CLOSED] Job Opening: Farm Advocacy Program Manager

RAFI-USA seeks candidates for a Farm Advocacy Program Manager. The manager will restructure, organize, and add to existing farm advocacy training materials to create a user-friendly resource that provides basic training for new farm advocates. The Program Manager will observe and learn from current farm advocacy casework with the ultimate goal of becoming trained as a farmer advocate.
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Otis Wright, Jr. Brings Passion and Dedication to his Work

Otis Wright, Jr. joined RAFI-USA in June of this year as a Farmer Resource Coordinator, assisting farmers of color in the Southeast U.S. in navigating FSA loans. In this staff profile he shares a little about how he got into farming, his passion for his family, and how his work assisting farmers gives him joy.
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