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job opening

[CLOSED] Job Opening: Farmers of Color Network Program Manager

Seeking a highly organized program manager for the Farmers of Color Network in support of FOCN goals of strengthening the economic viability of farmers of color, providing technical assistance, coordinating connections, and uplifting the voices of farmers of color to drive policy and narrative change.
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farm fence

Debt Relief in the Inflation Reduction Act

RAFI-USA welcomes the climate investments in the Inflation Reduction Act. We are hopeful that the act’s debt provisions will save farms for those who are currently at risk of losing them, and we regret its repeal of race/ethnicity-specific debt relief.
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A Year of Service With Come to the Table

I listened to farmers and faith leaders share their stories. Each conversation taught me more about the injustices that exist in our food system, and exposed me to the work being done to address these issues with purpose and hope. 
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