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Kenya Abraham

SlakMarket Farm is building new structures on the farm, including a greenhouse and a barn. The barn will be used for animals as well as for post-harvest production and processing of honey, vegetables, and value-added products.

Nadine Burton

Tallawah Farms is working to extend the shelf life of one of their most popular cops, callaloo. They are setting up a commercial kitchen which will include a walk-in cooler, aluminum sinks, and tables.

Ricky Dollison

Ricky Dollison is installing a refrigerator storage cooler in a central location on the farm, which will extend the shelf life of their crops after harvest. The new fridge will increase the farm’s income and profit by ensuring that all crops are handled and stored safely and properly for market.

Sharette Gunn

Sharette Gunn is constructing a mobile trailer to transport produce from the farm. The trailer, which will reduce post-harvest losses, will rely on solar energy in order to reduce the negative environmental impact.

Marcey Guramatunhu

Chirandu Farm is building a barn with a dedicated area for cleaning, packing, and storing produce. The barn will allow them to more effectively process and store their special maize crop and prevent crop loss; it will also act as a shelter for workers and volunteers during the hot summer months.

Cherie Jzar

Cherie Jzar is constructing a packing shed with a washing tank, screen drying table, and wet area to ensure quick processing of their harvest. The new space will also have two sinks for cleaning vegetables and flowers.

Ulysses Marable & Joyce Moore

Ulysses and Joyce are adding refrigeration to their farms in order to better serve their community’s produce needs.

Tianna Neal

Tianna Neal is installing a new greenhouse on the farm. The greenhouse will allow the farm to control their own seedling production, making it more cost-efficient, sustainable, and reliable.

Otis Stevens

Otis Stevens is expanding the amount and type of produce he grows at Veggie 4 Life. He is setting up additional refrigeration to keep their produce fresh longer in addition to adding water tanks.