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RAFI-USA Enters Conservation Cooperative Agreement with USDA

RAFI-USA has been awarded funding to work with USDA in expanding access to conservation assistance for climate-smart agriculture and forestry. This support will help farmers of color in the SE U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Island access NRCS technical and financial assistance programs focused on key conservation priorities.
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[CLOSED] Job Opening: Farmers of Color Market Access Coordinator

RAFI-USA seeks a talented individual to provide high-level technical assistance and program coordination for direct marketing farmers of color and local food markets. This individual will support the creation of alternative local food markets for food producers and farmers of color.
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Kenya Abraham

SlakMarket Farm is building new structures on the farm, including a greenhouse and a barn. The barn will be used for animals as well as for post-harvest production and processing of honey, vegetables, and value-added products.
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Nadine Burton

Tallawah Farms is working to extend the shelf life of one of their most popular cops, callaloo. They are setting up a commercial kitchen which will include a walk-in cooler, aluminum sinks, and tables.
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Ricky Dollison

Ricky Dollison is installing a refrigerator storage cooler in a central location on the farm, which will extend the shelf life of their crops after harvest. The new fridge will increase the farm’s income and profit by ensuring that all crops are handled and stored safely and properly for market.
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