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RAFI-USA Announces Personnel and Board Changes

RAFI-USA Executive Director Edna Rodriguez announces board and staff changes, including the appointment of former RAFI-USA staffer Scott Marlow to the position of Deputy Administrator for Farm Programs at USDA – FSA.

Resources for Resilient Farms

A new RAFI-USA project designed to help farmers of color access certain FSA programs We often hear from farmers who ask us what programs or funding is out there to help them build or expand their farming operation. Luckily, between the USDA, State Departments of Agriculture, and other local entities, there are many grants, programs, […]

Doubling the Buying Power for Food Insecure Households

The Fresh Bucks and Double Bucks programs prove that SNAP incentives drastically increase farmers market transactions and farmers market sales. Learn about RAFI-USA’s accomplishments working with area markets in 2021.

Farmers Market Incentive Programs

Learn about the impact, growth, and location of the farmers markets RAFI-USA works with in its Expanding Farmers Market Access program.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Before a disaster at your farm happens, you’ll want to make sure that you have everything you need in place to quickly report a loss or damage and apply for U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) programs that may assist in recovery. For all farmers, the following are good things to do before […]

What is ECP and How to Apply

Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) provides emergency funding and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers to rehabilitate farmland/ conservation structures that are damaged by natural disasters and implement emergency water conservation measures in periods of severe drought.