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Ergibe Boyd

Ergibe Boyd of Queen of Greens Farm is increasing their processing and selling capabilities by purchasing post-harvest equipment and starting a mobile coolbot for market days.

Ty Boyd

Ty Boyd of Cherokee Agriculture Company in Bryson City, NC is improving their growing capabilities in order to have a bigger impact on the health of the Cherokee Community.

Thomas Bradley

Thomas Bradley of Bradley Farm’s project Traditional 3 Sisters Cropping Expansion is aimed at increasing farm efficiency, increasing production and to better preserving culture.

Leonard Brown

Leonard Brown of Brown’s Farm is expanding their operation to allow for expedient, mass-producing of mushrooms on the farm.

Yvette Browne

Yvette Brown of Sejah Farm is purchasing a farm water purification unit to provide safe, clean water for processing all produce harvested on the farm.

Amber Burgin

Amber Burgin of Elijahs Farm in Rougemont, NC is developing a mobile farmers market trailer with refrigeration to enable the farm to transport, store and sell produce.

Ben Burkett

Ben Burkett of The Indian Springs Farmers Association is updating the cooperative’s refrigeration and transportation systems to make their marketing and sales more efficient.

John Dugan

Dugan Farms is building fencing around their farm to protect their culturally significant crops that elk would otherwise destroy. This new fencing will allow them to have more variety in the plants, more effectively save seeds, and provide more food to their community.

Gabrielle E.W. Carter

Gabrielle E. W. Carter of The Woodward Homestead is converting their growing methods to more soil regenerative practices and building up the soil to produce more food.