Gabrielle E.W. Carter

Woodard Homestead, Apex, NC

Project Snapshot:
The Woodward Homestead is converting their growing methods to more soil regenerative practices. They are building up the soil to produce more food and provide affordable food to their community. They are learning about regenerative practices through NC State Farm School, fencing the perimeter, testing soil and water, and hauling in compost and soil. These upgrades will also greatly contribute to the completion of some of the value added products they are currently developing, including fermented food and beverages that center POC voices, traditional practices, and growers.

Bio: Gabrielle E. W. Carter is an Artist and Cultural Preservationist who uses Diasporic and local food as a vehicle to reimagine wealth, marginalized food systems, and inheritance. Her work uses oral history, cooking, and film to examine and explore the Black experience in relation to land cultivation, seed keeping, traditional practices, and agronomy. Creating contemporary source materials and points of access.

In 2020 she debuted her latest work at the Culinary Institute of America’s annual conference Worlds of Flavor. She was recently named a 12 under 35 breakout talent to watch by Specialty Food Magazine. Her storytelling has been featured in Saveur Magazine, Smithsonian Food Weekend ’20, The Kitchn, and Whetstone Magazine’s podcast Point of Origin.

She also co-founded the North Carolina based Black Farmer CSA, Tall Grass Food Box, a platform to support and encourage the sustainability of Black farmers, by increasing their visibility and securing space for them in the local marketplace.


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