Bobby Wilson

Metro Atlanta Urban Farm (MAUF), Atlanta, GA

Project Snapshot:
Metro Atlanta Urban Farm is establishing “The Kitchen,” a cooking demonstration educational and commercial kitchen. This will be a culinary space for the farm to continue its work directly serving marginalized members of their community. Through workshops and classes, they are teaching young mothers how to identify, cook, and prepare healthy dishes for their children as well as teaching homeless veterans culinary knowledge and skills. The Kitchen will also be available for young entrepreneurs to cook and market their natural products.

Bio: Bobby L. Wilson, CEO and Founder of the Metro Atlanta Urban Farm ((MAUF), has made it his life’s mission to serve marginalized and underserved communities for over forty (40) years, in the farming/gardening movement. His expertise in this field and authentic dedication to the community is long standing and the operation of MAUF, in a socio-economically disadvantaged metropolitan community, stands firm in his continued mission. This five-acre property, which sits in a food desert, is used as a teaching tool, economic empowerment zone, and as a food production site for the Metro Atlanta area. With a strong belief in getting back to basics, Mr. Bobby (as he is affectionately called), uses MAUF to promote the benefits of urban agriculture in food and job insecure areas. Mr. Bobby isn’t just concerned about his local community, but serves as a leader for national projects, to promote urban agriculture and healthier living options for communities that are often disregarded. He serves as Vice President of Food First, CoPi for The Noise Project (in collaboration with the National Science Foundation and Cornell Lab of Ornithology) and was a former County Extension Agent for the University of Georgia.

MAUF believes that an agricultural framework is an excellent and cost-efficient tool to build dynamic communities. By working on an urban farm, residents can learn basic life skills, experience job creation, develop entrepreneurial skills, and lead healthier lives. He and the staff at MAUF continuously demonstrate their commitment to educating and training others to produce their own food through numerous initiatives, created specifically for the marginalized communities they serve.

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