Clinton Vicks

The Vicks Estate, Farm, & Fishery, Albany, GA

Project Snapshot:
Clinton Vicks is restoring and converting a farm shed into an agriculture learning center where his staff of 2 licensed science teachers can conduct agriscience-based learning experiments for the local community in a facility equipped with electricity, Wifi, and protection from the elements for year-round use. The farm is also investing in cutting-edge hydroponic agriculture in the hoop houses, exposing the students and visitors to innovative farming techniques.

Bio: Clinton Vicks, the owner of The Vicks Estate, Farm, & Fishery, is a 3rd generation Black farmer from Albany, GA. Mr. Vicks received his education at Albany State University and Howard University. Mr. Vicks is an active member of his local community. In an effort to expand his platform of empowerment, Clinton has committed himself and VEFF to be an agricultural learning hub for the Albany/Dougherty County area. Students and community adults will have the opportunity to explore agri-science research, farming methods, and a plethora of essential skills and talents that will aid in bridging the information and socio-econmic gap plaguing the southwest Georgia area.

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