Raina Turner-Greenlea

G4 Farms, LLC, Crawfordville, GA

Project Snapshot:
G4 Farms is incorporating sustainable water management for crop production using fertigation, solar pumps, rainwater catchments, and bioswales to decrease their groundwater depletion and efficiently use water on the farm. This strategy will not only make their operation more efficient, it will ensure that both the crops and the natural environment surrounding the farm thrive.

Bio: Both Raina Turner-Greenlea & Charles Greenlea’s roots run deep in the red clay of Georgia’s soil. As descendants of farmers, educators, entrepreneurs, engineers and activists, Raina & Charles had firm foundations to continue the work of their respective ancestors.

Their journey as wife & husband, better termed complements, started in the classroom and continued in the soil. Working collaboratively to design and implement green workforce development training and agricultural educational opportunities for Black people in and around Atlanta’s metro area solidified that their ability to do business together was underscored by their marriage.

Together, with Raina’s younger brother, George Turner, III and a local distant relative with years of farming experience, Charles Ware, they started reviving 160 acres of farmland that Raina & George’s grandparents were able to hold on to since the 1940’s. Raina, Charles and George continue to honor the rich history of the land and the sweat, pride and fortitude of their grandparents, aunts, uncles and father through culturally-relevant sustainable and restorative environmental practices informed by indigenous wisdom.

G4 Farms (George & Geneva’s Green Gold Farms, named in honor of Raina & George’s grandparents) is not only growing as a homestead and supporting Atlanta-based cooperative Gangstas To Growers, but it also serves to create an alternative to the dominant forestry industry. With ambitions to not only grow bamboo as a sustainable, restorative, edible agroforestry cash crop, Raina, Charles and George are currently working on developing a processing center to create local & regional job opportunities, distinguishing G4 Farms from many others.

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