Timothy Robinson, II

Robinson Farms, LLC, Baconton, GA

Project Snapshot:
Robinson Farms is transitioning from an egg only poultry operation to a sustainable grass feed meat and egg operation. They are incorporating on-farm processing of 50 meat poultry while simultaneously maintaining 65 multi-breed egg laying poultry, which will create a new revenue stream for the farm. Robinson Farms is applying for the ServSafe, Animal Welfare Approved, Certified Grass-fed and Certified Organic certifications with the goal of adding value to its poultry operation.

Bio: Timothy was born and raised on the family land and was introduced to farming at a very young age in the small town of Baconton, GA. I attended school in the Mitchell County school system. After high school, he enlisted in the U S Army and spent the next 30 years serving my country. He retired from the military in 2013, relocated back home, and begin the journey of farming on a much smaller scale. In 2014 he began working on the infrastructure of 10.5 acres of land leased from family. Since that time he has renamed the farm Robinson Farms, LLC, introduced small scale poultry egg operation, fruit trees, value added products and a seeding operation for the farm with a focus on following organic practices.

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