Marvin Ross

The Peculiar Pig Farm LLC, Summerville, SC

Project Snapshot:
The Peculiar Pig is adding mobile refrigeration to his operation in order to keep up with the demand of wood lot raised and pasture-raised livestock. This will ensure that meat is stored safely for transport and delivery to customers and markets.

Bio: As a child, Marvin Ross distinctly remembers the countless Saturdays spent with his grandfather on his farm in Dorchester, SC. The flowing fields, refreshing air, and the jostling sounds of the animals as they went about their morning routine and welcomed a brand new day! He was given the honor of helping feed the animals, and with great zeal he visited the cows, guineas, goats, chickens, and horses…but none were quite like the pigs! He was fascinated with their large ears, small eyes, and flat snouts that seemed to move on their own in the most peculiar way. To see them congregating like members of a church after Sunday Service added even more to his curiosity and he was resolved to have one of his own. At seven, his wish came true and he was given a pig to raise.

Later he went off to college and while he was away, his grandfather passed. With his loss, he anticipated the joy of the farm would follow but someone happened, and in the most peculiar way, although barren, the land lived on. He remembers coming back to what used to be the farm, and although it appeared empty, he stood in awe of the memories that flowed through his mind and knew that, if planted, the fields could still slow in the air and again waved in anticipation of a brand new day, and over to the right, he envisioned them – smaller in number, but nonetheless, the pigs engaged in their ‘after church service routine.’ It was Sunday, and he realized that the life and labor of his grandfather in unison with those who had toiled the land before him had never left. And so it began again. Different hands but the same zeal, variations, but with the same spirit, the legacy of the farmer continues and has survived through the highest quality of woodlot raised practices used to produce quality and lasting memories from his hands to yours.


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