Jamila Norman

Patchwork City Farms, Atlanta, GA

Project Snapshot:
Patchwork City Farms is transitioning to growing in raised beds, which will help with water drainage, weed control, and an increased crop yield. The farm is also working towards no-till farming and using silage traps on crops to kill cover crops and use them as compost on the beds.

Bio: Jamila Norman a.k.a (Farmer J) is a first generation daughter to Caribbean parents, whose history is rooted in agriculture. She is an internationally recognized urban farmer, food activist and mother based in Atlanta, GA. She is a University of Georgia graduate with a degree in Environmental Engineering, After 10 years in her professional career, Jamila has now committed fully to operating her independent, organic urban farm, Patchwork City Farms, which she founded 2010. Jamila is also one of the founding member and current manager of the South West Atlanta Growers Cooperative (SWAG Coop), formed in 2010 as a cooperative centered around black urban farmers in Atlanta’s burgeoning urban agriculture movement. SWAG Cooperative exists to strengthen Atlanta’s Black farmers and to create a transformative, environmentally and culturally responsible Atlanta food system that contributes to a robust and equitable high quality of life for its farmers and communities.

Patchwork City Farms (PCF) is a 1.2 acre independently-owned urban farm located in the city of Atlanta, GA. Its original inception began in the Historic West End neighborhood of Atlanta and has now moved to is permanent location of Oakland City. PCF continues to be at the leading edge of Farm to Table, Slow Food, and Sustainable Agricultural movements to name a few. The farm is Certified Naturally Grown and we are committed to growing produce that is safe and nutritious. They do not use unsafe chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides; they love nature and enjoy growing fresh vegetables for our community. Currently, the farm grows vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. Their seasonal veggies are sold through local farmers markets and our Weekly Seasonal Farm Shop, which is pre-ordered and picked up by customers Friday at the farm or Saturday at our market location. They promote a healthy and safe environment by demonstrating and teaching others how to grow safe foods, live a healthy life and cultivate vibrant productive spaces.



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