Steve McCalla

Rocky Ridge Farm, Louisburg, NC

Project Snapshot:
Rocky Ridge Farm is enhancing their current vegetable production operation to fulfill projected demand for their CSA, create employment opportunities on the farm and fully transition to becoming a “no till” farm. By establishing the use of two caterpillar tunnels, they are doubling production and implementing regenerative farming practices. The caterpillar tunnels are small, lightweight and portable, which will allow them to move them across the farm and regenerate the soil underneath the tunnels; they plan to become a fully regenerative farm by 2025 using this method.

Bio: Steve owns and operates a 30 acre organic fruit nut and vegetable farm along with his wife and daughter in Louisburg, NC. Born and raised in Queens NY he always had a backyard vegetable garden. After a career in telecommunications as a network analyst he bought land and moved to NC to begin his farming venture. Steve now has 15 years experience in farming and produces a unique specialty crop of chestnuts. Steve uses innovative farming techniques that include a geothermal greenhouse, regenerative farming practices and making biochar on the farm. He is in transition to becoming a fully regenerative farm by 2025. He is currently involved with the Farm to Church project providing a 30 share CSA to a local Raleigh church.



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