Erin Martin

Footprints in the Garden, Raleigh, NC

Project Snapshot:
Foot Prints In the Garden is transitioning an existing on-farm structure into a preparation area for their harvested produce and value-added products. This production area would allow for the farming operation to be more efficient when preparing produce and products for distribution. The area will include a receiving area, a washing station, preparation for the market area, and a walk-in chiller to allow for produce to stay fresh

Bio: Erin Martin, Principle farmer for Foot Prints in the Garden, was born and lives in Raleigh, NC. She is a true artesian who loves creating new food dishes and spending time with her family. She enjoys traveling, photography, and currently discovering the thrills of creating video’s and podcasting. She has watched her parents and cousins live on, nurture and farm their family land all of her life but became more interested in food systems and the lack of food access while completing her Senior High Capstone project on food deserts. Erin has been involved in community-based projects with organizations such as Interfaith Food Shuttle, Raleigh City Farms and The Black Farmers Market. Erin is a 5th generation farmer and landowner. Erin shared “I am so proud to be a farmer and I will continue to make my ancestors and everyone around me proud. I want to be a contributor to the food system, this is so important to our survival and life cycle.” Erin stated that “receiving this grant is something so big and so satisfying to our hearts and family. It will allow us to move forward with our farm mission and acquiring certifications needed to enter new markets for selling.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 2024 Beginning Farmer Stipends are Here! APPLY NOW!