Deloris Mack

Marshview Farm, St. Helena Island, South Carolina

Project Snapshot:
Deloris Mack is expanding her farm operation by producing goat meat and cheese. They are building a structure for processing, and their current goat herd of 15 will be increased to 25. As the only goat milk, cheese, and meat producers in their county, the increased capacity will allow them to meet the demand from their customers for fresh goat products.

Bio: Marshview Farm, located on St. Helena Island, South Carolina is part of a farm operation that has been in the ownership of the current owner’s family since the late 1800’s. This farmland (appox. 70 acres) was among the first land that was owned by former African American slaves in the United States. From the late 1800s, three generations (Ben Mack Sr., Ben Mack Jr., and Joseph Mack) have planted and harvested various crops as corn, rice, cucumber, tomatoes, squash, peanut and others. These crops were sold locally and in Savannah, Georgia traveling by ferry.

The current owners, Walter and Deloris Mack who retired early (Deloris -Social Worker and Walter- retired Executive Director of Penn Center). They I have taken many food safety classes and currently undergoing GAP certification. Walter is also a chemist and certified cannery operator, which helps their cheese making operation. They have also diversified the farm operation by planting blueberries, mushrooms and heirloom varieties. Eight years ago, they ventured into value-added products by transporting some of their selected goat to a USDA certified processing facility and is currently selling local free range goat meat.

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