Leonard Brown

Brown’s Herbs and Shiitake Mushrooms, Water Valley, MS

Project Snapshot:
Brown’s Farm is expanding to make their operation more efficient to meet the demand for our shiitake mushrooms. They aim to meet the demand year-round to restaurants, farmers’ markets, and individuals. They are purchasing equipment that will allow them to mass-produce mushrooms and speed up production of this value-added crop on their farm.

Bio: Leonard Brown was born and raised on this farm. His family has farmed this land for a very long time. Producing mushrooms started out as hobby, and after he started to produce more than he could consume, decided introduce it to the local farmers market. Because of its medicinal qualities and how delicious they are, especially as a substitute to meat, they have become a popular commodity at the local market. Leonard aims to be very responsible and ethical in the way he farms mushrooms and is very proud that he is able to produce mushrooms that his customers love.

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