Theodore Lambert

Lambert’s Orchard, LLC, Albany, GA

Project Snapshot:
Lambert’s Orchard is purchasing an industrial walk-in refrigeration-freezer unit to extend the shelf life of their pecans and expand beyond the traditional wholesale market pecan season. This new facility will add 24 months to their pecan shelf-life and allow them to sell year-round, and eliminate significant amounts of waste they experience without proper storage. They are also diversifying their offerings by incorporating muscadine, satsuma, and vegetables in addition to value-added crops. The facility will also act as a space for tourists to visit and take part in classes on farming, fishing, growing pecans, and making pecan candies.

Bio: Lambert’s Orchard, LLC is a working family pecan farm jointly owned by retired aviator of United States Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol) Theodore Lambert and his wife, Kathleen. The farm consists of approximately 18 acres with about 14 acres of pecan trees, one-third mature, and two-thirds ranging from 2-7 years old. The property is centered between Albany and Thomasville, GA; located in Mitchell County, Georgia, approximately 75 Minutes from Tallahassee, Florida,

The farm contains various pecan tree types and ages, including 58 mature trees, about 70-80 years old. In addition to the mature trees, many newly planted pecan trees have begun producing nuts in the last three (3) seasons; others should mature within the next two (2) years, providing an increased pecan production each year.

Lambert’s Orchard continues to diversify while also increasing its number of value-added products. One avenue is through the incorporation of cultivating muscadines, satsumas, and vegetables with agritourism events. The farm will also serve as a base for the Lambert’s efforts to educate and engage the community about sustainable local agriculture while also hosting conservatorship and stewardship classes of historic open space, natural habitat, and farmland to benefit our community.

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