George High

Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm, Snellville, GA

Project Snapshot:
Cedar Seeder Wellness Farm is retrofitting an existing trailer with a commercial-grade hydraulic juicer, which they will use at the farmers market and farm stand to make wheatgrass and other green juices. The new juicer will allow them to produce higher quality juice that can be sold fresh or bottled, shorten their wait times at farmers markets, and allow them to fulfill pre-orders. The trailer also acts as a juice stand that is easy to set up, refrigeration for finished product, and transport to and from the farm.

Bio: George is a retired U.S. Coast Guard Chief. With a bachelor’s degree in aircraft engineering, he worked as an aircraft mechanic/electrician for 35 years. George built a Montessori school on 14 acres where he farmed the land, was a beekeeper and maintained a petting school. He also became a certified Montessori School teacher. In 2013, George purchased the farm with his wife, Krista, who worked as an Environmental Scientist for 18 years. Afterward, Krista worked in the personal development industry for 20 years and became a Health and Wellness Coach after graduating from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN). In 2021, Krista also became an Inner Fitness Coach.
George and Krista have always maintained a strong love for caring for this planet and its people. We practice regenerative agriculture as an approach that gives back to the land where the result is heartier soil that is nutrient-rich. As the soil grows richer, the crops grow healthier. They sell fresh, live plants, juices, salads, wraps, and smoothies, and they share knowledge, practices, and lifestyle choices that can help others achieve greater wellbeing. This live-food mobile trailer will greatly enhance their ability to reach more people.



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