Leroy Hardy

Hardy Family Farm, Sedley, VA

Project Snapshot:
Hardy Family Farm is increasing productivity for their farm by completing a hoop house and improving field production. The completed 20×96 foot hoop house will allow for year-round production of fruits and vegetables, extending the growing season and increasing overall farm production. The farm plans to work with local food pantries to serve their Native American tribe and surrounding communities, which have been hit hard by the pandemic.

Bio: Leroy Hardy and his wife, Nancy reconnected with rural living over 20 years ago to raise their young family in a safer and healthier environment. Their 8 children are now the 5th generation to grow up on their family farm located in Southampton County Virginia. In 2007, their simple rustic life expanded into a humble agriculture venture with the help of agriculture specialist and their farming mentor, the late Andy Hankins. From that beginning, Hardy Family Farm made natural and sustainable growing practices their farming philosophy. Hardy Family Farm has grown from a modest 1/3 acre plot into a 5 acre parcel, apart from Leroy’s family’s larger commercial farm. Over the years, their farm has participated in various research and demonstration projects, growing many farm products, including shiitake mushrooms, industrial hemp, cut flowers, wildflower pollinators, pears, berries, and various other produce, particularly specialty melons; they have also raised chickens for meat and eggs. As a Virginia Indian, Leroy Hardy feels connected to the land; and one of Hardy Family Farm’s goals is to cultivate good stewardship of the land to produce healthy, high quality food for their families, friends, and surrounding communities.

“We cultivate the land while the land cultivates us.” Vena A-dae Romero, Indigenous Farm Advocate

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