Kevin Gunter

Garden Doctor Teaching Farm, Dunnellon, FL

Project Snapshot:
The Garden Doctors are building a food processing facility, which they will use to teach the local public about the value of storing and preserving their own food. Students will learn to can vegetables and process produce from the farm. Using an “Each One Teach One” method, older community members are teaching the classes, which ensures that their valuable farming knowledge is passed along to future generations.

Bio: As a retired 20 year Air Force Veteran, Kevin Gunter started the Garden Doctor Teaching Farm to expose young and old to the values of sustainable farming. His objectives are to provide a learning platform which provides life skills thru hands-on application. Their courses have taught rainwater collection through designing and executing a plan to construct a reclaimed water system for use on garden plans. They also use their farm as a hands-on classroom to teach science, chemistry, math, and natural resource preservation. As the country’s need to access high quality food grows, their farm is positioned to assist their community in this effort.


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