Tanisha Frink

Briarwood Cattle Farm, Red Springs, NC

Project Snapshot:
Briarwood Cattle Farm is increasing their cattle operation by improving their feeding and water systems. The farm uses traditional regenerative farming techniques for their livestock and vacuum packs their products for a long freezer life. This project will improve marbleization and cattle health in an organic way, by feeding hay and protein minerals in one.

Bio: Tanisha Frink runs a woman owned and operated black angus cattle business. She has been a female rancher for over 5 years and absolutely love farm life. Briarwood Cattle Farms raises grass fed beef the traditional way, by regenerative farming the soil then sectional grazing the herd along with free range chickens and pasture pork. All the beef, chicken, and pork are all heavily vacuumed packed for longer freezer life. Briarwood Cattle Farm was a vision given to her husband Marvin Frink from his father, the late Rev. Kirby Frink, who felt that farming and being out with nature and being with animals would help his son deal with PTSD and his global war issues. Everything they do at Briarwood Cattle Farm is done with love for the animals and love for the land.


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