Suzanne Ferrell

River Road Market Produce, Danville, VA

Project Snapshot:
River Road Market Produce is purchasing a mobile walk-in cooler to safely store their produce. This new cooler will decrease food waste post-harvest and allow the farm to retain a larger amount of the harvest to sell as value-added products to be sold at farmer’s markets to sustain the farm and provide their community with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Bio: Suzanne Ferrell is an olericulturist/Owner-Operator of River Road Market Produce, artist, and 4th Generation Farmer.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are Suzanne’s life, and helping to even the playing field when it comes to the availability of naturally grown, non-gmo produce – or lack thereof in lower income communities – is one of the greatest passions in her life. She has always held close to her heart and valued selling produce because as a small child, she always spent time at the farmers’ market or helped her father go door to door selling his produce. He often sold it in low income communities such as Westside Trailer Park in South Boston, Virginia or the housing developments around Danville, Virginia. Suzanne’s family has always believed in treating everyone as equals and that everyone alike deserves good healthy options when it comes to fruit and vegetables. Another of her life’s greatest passions is painting pictures for family and friends.

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