Ergibe Boyd

Queen of Greens Farm, Prince George’s County, MD

Queen of Greens Farm is increasing their processing and selling capabilities by purchasing post-harvest equipment and starting a mobile coolbot for market days. In addition to purchasing coolers and storage for harvested crops, they are installing triple wash sinks and dehydrators to improve their packing and storing systems. With their new mobile coolbot, they will be able to store vegetables to maintain their quality between harvest and market.

Bio: Ergibe Boyd is a retired Senior U.S. Department of State Officer and an experienced grower and small farm owner. During her diplomatic career that spanned three decades, she garnered numerous awards for her work and innovation in the creation and implementation of projects to improve agricultural output and economic development for the benefit of the people of Africa.

She developed and implemented micro-financing programs that enabled women farmers in Africa to maximize their potential, boost their productivity, learn more efficient and sustainable farming techniques, enable them to pay for their children’s education, and improve their lives.

She now puts her energy, knowledge, and experience to work in farming endeavors on the 22+Acre farm she has owned for 31 years. The farm specializes in African vegetables, such as — Bitter Leaf, Callaloo, Cocoyam Leaf, Fenugreek, Ethiopian Collards, Huckleberry Leaf, Jute Leaf, Potato Leaf, among others. The Farm also grows hot peppers, kale, tomatoes, squash, and watermelon. Theresam Farm Group LLC also produces raw honey.

Ms. Boyd believes in “paying it forward”. She wants to do this through her “One Child at a Time” Project, which is designed to create more opportunities for at-risk youth. A percentage of the proceeds from Theresam Farm Group LLC sales will go to the project. The principal goal will be to provide employment and education opportunities to youth aged 15 to 19, either through jobs that will enable them to earn funds to finance their education and training, or through a Scholarship Fund.


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