Corre Robinson

NewSoil Vermiculture LLC, Durham, NC

Project Snapshot:
NewSoil farm operations is repurposing an unused dilapidated brick tobacco barn as a large-scale worm and casing operation. By adding this indoor space to their existing outdoor composting piles and windrows, they are expanding the enterprise and will be able to hire more staff for the project.

Bio: NewSoil Vermiculture was founded by Durham native Garry Libscomb and his partner in 2013. In 2017, NewSoil became the only permitted worm composting facility operating in the State of North Carolina, completing a 3-year long application process with the Solid Waste Division of the Department of Environmental Quality. In 2019, Corre Robinson joined NewSoil to help expand its operations and grow its connections to small farmers and families in the region.

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