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Farm Ownership Microloans Announced

This week, USDA updated its microloan program to include farm ownership loans, which can help beginning farmers own farmland for the first time. Farmland ownership is a big step and takes planning, sometimes many years of planning, but the USDA farm ownership microloan program can help you make it happen.

UPDATE: Farmers, Stay Ahead of Winter Storms

With much of the South expecting moderate to heavy snow and ice this weekend, make sure you and your farm is prepared for the worst, should it happen. Please note: This information is updated for programs current to January 2016.

Cattle to Rabbitry in Alamance County, NC

Steve Sifford of Alamance County, North Carolina received a grant through RAFI’s Agricultural Reinvestment Fund in 2015 to add the necessary infrastructure for raising rabbits including building hutches and shade structures. Read more about Steve’s story here.