Nominations Open for FSA County Committees

Attention farmers!

Do you or someone you know want to be a voice for producers in your county?  If so, nominations are now open for farmers and ranchers to join their Farm Service Agency (FSA) county committees.

What do county committees do?

County committees inform decisions made by FSA offices across the country.  Every FSA office is required to have a county committee, and they are made up for local farmers as elected by local farmers. While committees do not outrightly decided who does or does not receive a loan, they help determine who is eligible for loans, how to handle natural disasters, priority of conservation programs, and key administrative components to FSA programs.

Who is eligible to be nominated for county committees?

As long as you have a farm number and current address registered with FSA, you are eligible to be nominated.

How do I get nominated to be on the committee?

Farmers can nominate themselves or other farmers to be on the committee.

Nomination forms are available from your local FSA office.

Where do I learn more about how to serve on my local committee?

Check out our Farmer Leadership Network, which supports historically underserved farmers to become part of boards like the FSA county committee.

Contact: Tahz Walker
Program Manager & Farmer Liaison
Farmer Leadership Network Initiative
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (919) 548-6825

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