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Sustainable Agriculture Wins in 2016 Federal Budget

After several budget extensions, known as a Continuing Resolution or CR, Congress has agreed on a spending bill to fund the government in 2016, avoiding another government shutdown. The big news: NO GIPSA RIDER.

#TBT: Revisiting the Peanut Project: A Model of Farmer-Centered Innovation

To celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, we’ve started a new series that combines reflections on our history with the popular “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT) social media trend. Look for new articles tagged with #TBT here on Thursdays and join us for a look back on our history of working alongside farmers and rural communities. RAFI […]

Rev. Joyner in the Running for CNN Hero of the Year

We at RAFI are delighted, and not a bit surprised, that Reverend Richard Joyner has been named a CNN hero of the year. We became acquainted with him and his ambitious projects at the Conetoe Family Life Center about five years ago. The Conetoe Family Life Center Farm received a grant from RAFI in 2014. The grant was used to support the training of 40 youth in an agricultural entrepreneurial program. We are honored to be able to support their good work and wish Rev. Joyner all the best in the CNN contest.

You can read more on our blog and cast your VOTE on CNN’s website here for this real-life everyday hero!

Upcoming Farm Tour at Waterdog Farms in Hurdle Mills, NC

Join us for a farm tour on October 18th at Waterdog Farms​ in Hurdle Mills, NC (1-3 pm). The farm received a grant from our Agricultural Reinvestment Fund this year to scale up production of their herbs and tea plants. Check out this growing farm-to-cup business and enjoy free samples of their tasty herbal teas.

Managing Risk: Making the Farmer’s Market a Rewarding Experience

Risk management is a cornerstone of RAFI’s work with farmers. In the general sense, this means identifying financial risks and developing strategies to minimize their impact. In the agricultural realm, some strategies include crop insurance, diversifying production, and exploring new markets. Working on the consumer side of things through my position as Local Foods Access […]

#TBT: Community Seed Bank Resource Kit

Almost 30 years ago in 1986, the Rural Advancement Fund produced a ‘community seed saving kit,’ titled the Community Seed Bank Resource Kit. The publication was translated into three languages: Portuguese, French, and Spanish. It was intended for NGO’s in the Third World working on agricultural projects in rural communities, and for development workers in […]

New “Farmer’s Guide to Agricultural Credit” Fact Sheets Released

RAFI started the Agricultural Reinvestment Fund program in 1997 to assist transitioning farmers and rural communities in finding new ways to replace lost tobacco income. It was an aspiration that farmers whose new projects succeeded would find additional capital to grow their new businesses and that they could take their experiences with the Agricultural Reinvestment […]