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Pepper Fest Is Around the Corner!

At PepperFest, with every bite of delicious, peppery dishes and each sip of spicy pepper-infused beer, we are propagating a world that is free of genetically-modified organisms and patents on seed varieties, and free to adapt, as needed. We are all helping create a stronger local food system and a better future for our children.
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What Made Neil Young Hug My Boss?

Our Executive Director, Scott Marlow, delivered a compelling statement at Farm Aid this past weekend, and we thought we'd transcribe some of it to share with you all. It moved Neil Young so much that he gave Scott a big hug on stage.
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RAFI at Farm Aid 2014: Press Coverage & More

We were honored to host Farm Aid 2014 in our own backyard in North Carolina this year. By all accounts, it was a smashing success - with a sold-out show, amazing performances, and important dialogues with farmers and agricultural organizations from across the country. We’re excited to share some of the fantastic press/media coverage here.
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Welcoming an Old Friend Home: Farm Aid 2014

We would like to welcome Farm Aid to North Carolina, as we would welcome an old friend into our home. Farm Aid was created 29 years ago to respond to the needs of farm families facing the pain of losing their farms. Some of our staff members were there at that first concert.
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RAFI on the Road to Farm Aid

RAFI is on the road to Farm Aid this week, though thankfully that road is much shorter this time around! This year, we're excited to welcome Farm Aid to our home state of North Carolina for the first time in the concert's 29-year history.
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Scott Marlow's Statement at 2014 Farm Aid in Raleigh, NC

I want to welcome Farm Aid to North Carolina and we’re very excited that you are here. Farm Aid started 29 years ago to address the pain of farmers and farm families losing their farms. Some of our folks here were at that concert and have been at most of them since.
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