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Landowners’ Rights and Fracking: Experiences in Other States

Hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have been used in parts of the Midwest for years, and are now being used in Pennsylvania and New York as well. Landowners and farmers in these states have expressed concerns about the effects that drilling have on their lives and livelihoods. The New York State Senate has passed a […]

An Overview of Pooling in Five Oil and Gas Producing States

Presentation to the North Carolina Mining and Energy Commissions Study Group on Compulsory Pooling Presented on February 8, 2013 by Layla Cummings. Slides: What is Pooling? Unitization Policy Behind Pooling Pooling in Other States Pooling in Arkansas Pooling in Colorado Pooling in Ohio Pooling in Texas Pooling in West Virginia Issues to Consider

What Makes a Farmer?

Trying to represent the current state of American farming is a tall order. After all, who could possibly speak on behalf of all farmers? The sector is broad, diverse and impossible to accurately represent in a single article, blog post, report, or snappy hash-tag – much less a truck company’s re-branding effort.

New Conference: Farming Strategies in Today’s Changing Climate

A one-day conference, “Farming Strategies in Today’s Changing Climate,” will take place this Friday, February 8th at Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) in Pittsboro, NC.Farmers, agricultural scientists, technical assistance providers, and farm advocates are encouraged to  register for the conference, where presentations, workshops, and discussion will address adaptation and mitigation practices in response to climate-related challenges facing […]

Farm Advocacy & Dealing with Disasters Workshops at PASA

A project of RAFI-USA, Farm Aid, and other partners, the Farm Advocate Link is a newly established national network of farm advocates whose goal is to support established advocates, welcome new and aspiring advocates, and provide ongoing training, professional development and a shared sense of purpose to farm advocates across the country.