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Planting Seeds in Eastern NC

At the February 2011 Come to the Table Conference in Eastern NC, a group of volunteers gathered at the house of Guillermina Garcia to help plant seeds for her garden.

Local Food Community: A Statewide Conversation

At each one of this year’s Come to the Table Conferences, attendees took part in facilitated discussions about how faith communities can support farms and build long-term food security in our state. Participants were asked to answer some core questions: “How can faith communities create transformative ministries that build long-term food security in both urban and rural […]

Remembering Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans

I am saddened this week by the loss of Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans. You only have to turn on the radio or open the paper this week in North Carolina to hear a flood of remembrances of her remarkable life. The Durham Herald Sun listed some of her contributions to the state: She was […]