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Protecting the Food Ark

This month’s National Geographic features an article, titled Food Ark, about rapid loss of crop diversity worldwide. The article dips into the myriad reasons why loss of diversity is happening, and why the loss of crop diversity is one of the most critical issues facing agriculture For 12,000 years, farmers have bred and tended crops. […]

A Victory for NC Farmers

The new state budget officially preserves the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission. The Commission’s funding for the next year is limited to $2 million. The budget passed in mid-June, when the legislature overrode the Governor’s veto. Saving the Trust Fund is a significant victory for all of North Carolina’s small and mid-scale farmers.

A Step towards Saving the NC Tobacco Trust Fund

If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or email, you know that, for the last three weeks, RAFI and our partners have been fighting to save the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund Commission. The Commission uses funds from the tobacco master settlement agreement to support projects that revitalize our state’s farm economy. One of those […]

Tornado Recovery: Resources for Farms

Assistance is available for farmers who had crops, livestock or buildings lost to the tornadoes throughout North Carolina and the Southeast on April 16, 2011.

Don’t Bank on It: Farmers Face Significant Barriers to Credit Access During Economic Downturn

Farm credit is the backbone of American agriculture. During the recent economic downturn, America’s family farmers faced significant barriers to accessing farm credit, which endangered their economic security and the stability of rural communities and food production in America. This national survey of farm credit counselors and farm advocacy organizations demonstrates the critical, growing and […]