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How and Why to Get a Farm Number

The US Department of Agriculture’s farm programs are administered on the local level through county-based Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices. The FSA provides and administers farm loans, crop insurance, and disaster assistance compensation. You must register your farm with the FSA to be eligible for any of these programs.

A Visit to Harold Wright’s Farm

July 25, 2011 – Last week I traveled to Bladen county to document farmer Harold Wright’s grant project– a pastured poultry production expansion. I was amazed at how sandy the […]

The Farmers’ Hands

When I began documenting the Tobacco Communities Reinvestment Fund projects of innovative farmers for RAFI-USA this fall, I knew I wanted to take portraits of the farmers’ hands. Hands- just […]

Protecting the Food Ark

This month’s National Geographic features an article, titled Food Ark, about rapid loss of crop diversity worldwide. The article dips into the myriad reasons why loss of diversity is happening, […]